The message "Can not connect to server at this time" displays when I try to launch VISION.
There are several possible causes.
  1. You may not be connected to the internet. Verify that you are able to use the karaoke app. If you are not able to use the karaoke app, follow the steps to connect to the internet through wi-fi or ethernet cable.
  2. If you are able to use karaoke, you are connected to the internet, but your connection may need to be reset. Go to Settings. If you are connected via ethernet cable, turn ethernet off and then on again. If you are connected via Wi-Fi, turn Wi-Fi off and then on again.
  3. Reboot the willfon-M completely by pulling the power cord out and plugging it in again.
  4. If you are still getting the error, please contact us.
I see only a blank screen in VISION.

If the VISION screen looks like the image to the right, it means VISION was started without an internet connection. Even if you have subsequently established an internet connection, VISION will be stuck on this screen.

Verify that you are connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or ethernet cable.

Then reboot the willfon-M completely by pulling the power cord out and plugging it in again. Alternatively you can force stop the VISION app from Settings->Apps or from the task select screen (hold down the Home button for 2 seconds). When next you start VISION the blank screen should be gone.

blank screen
How do I input alphanumeric text, such as on the Wi-Fi password screen?

Touch the input box on the screen to bring up a virtual keyboard. Use this to input text.

You can switch between numbers, letters, and Japanese characters by touching the bottom left corner of the virtual keyboard.

touch screen
How do I prevent sound from coming from the willfon-M when the willfon-M is hooked up to a TV monitor via an HDMI cord?

In Settings -> HDMI check the box by "Turn off local HDMI output"

Can I call someone who is not using a willfon-M? How much would it cost?

Yes you can. Please refer to this page.

How do I use the Micgeek microphone?

In order for the microphone to emit music it must be paired with the willfon-M via Bluetooth. Make sure that the microphone is powered on. Then go to Settings on the willfon-M and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. You may need to wait a couple minutes for "Micgeek Q9" to appear in the list of available devices.

Touch "Micgeek Q9" to pair it with the willfon-M. If successful you will hear a sound effect from the microphone and see the word "Connected" beneath "Micgeek Q9".

setting microphone

If unsuccessful, verify that no other Bluetooth device is paired with the microphone, and that the microphone is not paired with any other device. Also verify that the microphone is in close proximity with the willfon-M. Turn off and on Bluetooth in Settings and try again. If still unsuccessful, restart the willfon-M by pulling out the power cord and putting it in again, and try again.

charging microphone

To charge the microphone, connect the charging cable from the microphone to the USB port on the willfon-M.

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