willfon-K Setup

  1. Set up the hardware
  2. Configure internet

We must configure internet either through an ethernet cable OR through Wi-Fi.

Configuring internet through ethernet cable

An ethernet connection requires a physical connection between the willfon-K and your modem or router. It is is preferred when the willfon-K will be in close proximity to your modem/router. Your modem or router must have available at least one unused port.


Configuring internet through Wi-Fi

In order to configure internet wirelessly you must have working Wi-Fi in your home. A Wi-Fi connection typically involves a router connected to a modem. Please verify that you have working Wi-Fi before continuing. (It should be possible to use the internet on other devices in your home such as laptops and cell phones without a physical connection to your internet source)


This completes the tutorial.

If you are having problems using the willfon-K please see the Support page.

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