Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need in order to set up Channel J in my home?

You will need an internet connection which can handle speeds of at least 10Mbps. A willfon can connect to your router wirelessly, or directly to your modem using an ethernet cable (an ethernet cable is included in our package).

In the case of willfon-K you will also need a TV monitor with an HDMI port.

Can I get another month free when renewing the contract?


What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay by credit card online, or by cash or check at our office.

What do I do with the device(s) at expiration of the contract?

If you wish not to renew the contract you must return the device(s) and any peripherals (HDMI cords). You can send it by postal mail or bring it to our office directly.

Are short-term rentals possible?

For short-term rentals please inquire at our sister office, J Service.

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